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Our Services

One on One and  Group

 Wellness Consulting

Understanding how your body lost it's balance and  harmony can be frustrating.

Let us assist you with an initial  Consult on us!

Customized Wellness 


There is not one Human body that is alike!

Your Customized Wellness Strategies can not be copied-Because there is only one You! 

Our Premium Specialty Services 

Our Premium Services cover a wide range of:

Wellness Scans:

(5 Types)  

-The Bio Scan

-The Body Electric Scan

 -The Molecular Scan 

-Remote-4D-Cellular Scan

-Energy Exchange Scan


-Frequency Therapies

-The Circulation and Detox Lounges

-Iridology Analysis

-Live Blood Analysis

-Your Health in Color (Thermography) 



What Our Clients Say

Deborah T.

Los Angeles, CA

I had my first consult yesterday and I was bless with a consultant that answered my questions with confidence and the knowledge she shared was amazing, I felt so at ease talking with her. After talking with her I felt like I can do this and will definitely be sharing my experience with others about her and the Thrive Natural Wellness Center❣

Phyllis C.

Las Vegas, Nevada

My first visit to Thrive-The Natural Wellness Center was awesome! I had an auriculotherapy treatment for back pain and felt instant relief! I am currently able to manage my pain with great success. i am also using "toes up" which has helped to diminish my cravings. Thank you so much! Your knowledge and kindness is appreciated.

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Debra R.

Detroit, Michigan

4 months ago my health was not the best. I turned To Thrive for coaching and consulting. The program thus far has helped me to change the way I think and see food. The Coaching has been amazing along with the various supplements to choose from. My doctors have been watching my progress all along. Since signing up with Thrive, I am done 43lbs and my health has completely return to a place I am more than pleased with.

“Imbalances, Disharmony and Dis-ease in our Human Bodies, does not have to be final; 

It's the courage to seek Balance that counts.”

 It's  Time to Thrive

Ready to Start your Wellness Journey?

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