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We have learned all to well that sickness and disease is a result of violations to and in one's body. 


When we understand how we have become "dis-eased",

We then have the power to change and undo what has been done, so that we can be made whole!

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getting Started

An Initial Complementary Consult On Us!

Understanding how your body lost it's balance and  harmony can be frustrating.

Let us assist you with an initial  Consult on us!

Our 4D Cellular Remote Wellness Scan is Where You Begin!

Your Journey starts with our 4D Cellular Remote  Scan


Sclera Analysis!


There is not one Human body that is alike!

Your Customized Wellness Scan gives you key information as to the

dis-harmony, only you had an idea was there!

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our exclusive Wellness REGISTRY

Our Exclusive Wellness Registry is one of a kind!


Our Premium Ministry of Wellness is designed to get you Answers, as to how your body lost or needs to improve it's harmony!  


Our Wellness Scans: (5 Types)  

-The Bio Scan

-The Body Electric Scan

 -The Molecular Scan 

-4D-Cellular Scan-Remote-w/ DNA Needed*

-Energy Exchange Scan


-Frequency Therapies// DNA Needed**


-RESTORE-Cancer Coach*


-The Micro-Circulation Assessment and Therapy 


Detox Lounge-Cellular Detox & Mobile Hydrotherapy-Colonic Irrigation


-Iridology/Sclera Analysis- Remote-w /Pictures Needed*


-Live Blood Analysis-Microscopy


Tongue Analysis- Remote w/Pictures Needed*


-Your Health in Color (Thermography) 




*Remote Services done without your physical presence!

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